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At Air Handlers Plus, we're committed to delivering a fast and professional service to our neighbors here in the San Angelo area.


Ensuring your in-home comfort is our 2nd priority. Our 1st priority? Your Peace of Mind. When you choose Air Handlers Plus as your HVAC service provider, you can rest easy knowing your in the hands of a locally owned company that's focused first on the well-being of our customers, and second on delivering a professional and affordable service.

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committed to excellence.

Our promise to our community is that we will be there for all your HVAC needs. Whether it be practical advice or if you’re in need of a full service – you can count on Air Handlers Plus.

We stay on top of the latest technologies and service methods within the HVAC industry. As technology and practices evolve and improve, so do we.


Our technicians regularly attend training and educational courses to heighten our industry expertise and ability to serve our community. Why? Because we’re focused on delivering the best service to each and every one our neighbors in need of HVAC services. We're set on becoming the best Heating and Cooling technicians in the area.

when it comes to service, we put our customers first.

Experience the difference yourself.

about us

Air Handlers Plus’s founder and CEO, Aaron Lopez, has been an HVAC service provider in the San Angelo TX area for over 20 years. Two distinguishing characteristics of his are his emphasis on customer service and his commitment to service excellence. His core belief of quality over quantity is baked into every aspect of Air Handlers Plus. 

We have a simple mission - to become the best HVAC service provider in the San Angelo area. We work non-stop to serve our community, provide excellent customer service, and being affordable with our competitive and ethical pricing.

At Air Handlers Plus, we put our customers first. Whether you choose to work with us or not, have a blessed day! 


Frequently asked questions

  • What areas do you serve?
    We serve all of San Angelo TX and surrounding areas. If you feel like you're too far out, chances are that your aren't! Just give us a call and we'd be happy to help.
  • Are your Free System Inspections really free?
    100% free! If there's a problem, we'd be happy to help resolve it.
  • What is the difference between a central cooling system and indpendent cooling systems?
    The best answer: Zone Temperature Efficiency. With central cooling systems, the system is going to heat and cool the entire house. Meaning, if your house has 6 rooms and only 2 of them are ocupied at a given time, well then you're paying for the furniture to be comfortable in the other 4 rooms! With independent cooling systems, you can control which exact rooms are being air conditioned. Additionally, you can have one room at a different temperature than the other!
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